Oregon Ballet Theatre: Rhapsody In Blue

Oregon Ballet Theatre promises that their 2017 – 2018 season opener will be a crowd-pleaser. The theatre has announced that Thomas Lauderdale, the classical pianist, will join the theatre and collaborate alongside the ballet to provide a new piece choreographed to the classic “Rhapsody in Blue.”

“Rhapsody in Blye” will be a creative experience, says Niccolo Fonte, the ballet’s choreographer.

The production will run from October 7 – 14 at the Keller Auditorium. Lauderdale will work with Hunter Noack in a four-handed version, with dancers performing to the music. Lauderdale is a seasoned veteran that has played “Rhapsody” for over 20 years.

The two play Rhapsody a little different than traditional, with sections often repeated, parts slowed down and also some improvisation along the way to make the piece really their own.

Rhapsody in Blue will have a total of only five shows following the World Premiere of the show on October 7, 2017. The double bill is a collaboration that will also include Pink Martini, which has been called the “little orchestra” of Portland.

Lauderdale and Forte will work to reconstruct Gershwin’s score to provide an enthralling experience. The choreography is said to be vibrant and lush, while the show promises to be enthralling.

Never Stop Falling (In Love) will follow Rhapsody in Blue and will feature a 40-minute work that includes live songs performed by Pink Martini and China Forbes. The show will include mystery and virility as well as heartache in an awe-inspiring performance.

The beats permeate through the auditorium in the finale, with the message of Never Stop Falling.

The Theatre will also be performing Closer, Alice, The Nutcracker, Man/Woman and Annual School Performance during the 2017 – 2018 season.

The Oregon Ballet Theatre (OBT) is in Portland, Oregon and is a ballet company. The company has a five-program season annually and has regional and national tours. OBT was formed through a merger of the Pacific Ballet Theater and the Ballet Oregon in 1989.

Joffrey Ballet was the principal dancer and acted as the theatre’s Artistic Director until 2003. His leadership led the ballet to grow to over 80 ballets. Christopher Stowell would take over the role of Artistic Director from 2003 through 2012 helping add works from Lar Lubovitch, JeromeRobbins, Sir Frederick Ashton among many others.

The theatre has also opened up the School of Oregon Ballet Theatre which is directed by a former dancer at the Pacific Northwest Ballet, Anthony Jones.