Oregon Ballet Theatre: The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker is an iconic holiday extravaganza featuring a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Oregon’s Ballet Theatre offers a production that George Balanchine would be proud of following his original 1954 version of the show.

Oregon Ballet Theatre puts on an original performance of Balanchine in December, usually from December 9 – 24, although the dates may vary.

The journey of The Nutcracker is an unforgettable experience that mixes in tradition, memories and warmth into an annual performance. The Ballet Theatre has been producing The Nutcrackerfor 14 years.

Marie will take to the stage in iconic fashion while her Prince joins in on the event. The magical show features dancing snowflakes that sweep Marie and the Prince into a land of magic and wonder. The brilliance shines through as the land of sweets comes to life on the stage.

The costumes and scenery draw in nearly 50,000 spectators every year who come to watch the event unwind in front of their eyes.

Oregon Ballet Theatre is one of the only productions in the country that have the legal right to use the classical version of The Nutcracker in production. The event schedule is bringing two additional shows in 2017, with 10 performances in total taking place.

The School of Oregon Ballet Theatre provides 90 cast dancers with 120 dances in total during the show. The role of the Sugar Plum Fairy will feature an array of dancers who embody the role of the Fairy with the utmost prestige.

Cavalier will be played by an array of men, too. There are usually four of the best male dancers that join in on the night’s event as Cavalier.

Marie’s role is often spread among three different dancers. The role of Marie, the little girl who receives the gift of the Nutcracker.

The Nutcracker is a two-act ballet the starts with Act I on Christmas Eve and then goes into scene Act II in the Land of Sweets. Act I includes family and friends that have gathered to decorate a Christmas tree in preparation for an elegant Christmas party.

Presents are handed to the children, while one girl chooses the overlooked wooden nutcracker that’s shaped like a little man.

The story unfolds with the nutcracker coming to life and mice filling the room before moving into scene 2: A Pine Forest.

Act II’s first scene goes into The Land of Sweets where the Prince talks about his journey and how he was saved from the Mouse King.