The Portland Singing Christmas Tree

The Portland Singing Christmas Tree came to life in 1962 at a time when JFK was president and homes cost some $15,000. A local church wanted to bring something new to the city, so they gathered together a $500 budget and created something new: A Singing Christmas Tree.

The community gathered around the idea of the Singing Christmas Tree, which now signifies when the Christmas season comes to life.

As the story of the Singing Christmas Tree grew, the show had to leave the confines of the Benson High School Auditorium. The show has grown even further, from an annual show to a show that has several performances every year with a community choir added.

People from 131 churches in the area bring life to the tree every year.

Several sponsors now support the show, including local news channels and radio stations. The “TREE” also provides donations to children‘s programs around the city.

The Portland Singing Christmas Tree has both an adult tree choir and a youth tree choir. Every year brings a new element to the show, with auditions and new voices lending their voice to the Tree. An annual music CD is produced as well as a performance to an audience of 21,000 members.

Gospel music has recently made its way into the event and became a part of the Singing Christmas Tree via the Joyful Voices Choir. New music is presented every year from the Joyful Voices Choir.

Portland’s Singing Christmas Tree is a seasonal show which starts in November, with several shows taking place into the first three days of December.

The event now takes place at the lively Keller Auditorium, with tickets selling fast and going on sale in July. The event features a three-hundred-person choir that the entire family will love to hear.

Enjoy a room filled with all of your favorite holiday songs along with a dancing Santa and a Christmas Nativity that is cinematic and beautiful. The true gift of Christmas is presentedthrough the Portland Christmas Tree.

The venue includes a café, with nearby accommodations for eating and lodging, too.

The Portland Singing Christmas Tree is great fun for the entire family. The event provides a new look into the love of Christmas and has been kicking off the holiday season for over 50 years. Christmas music will fill the auditorium, allowing you to embrace the holiday season like never before.